Hospitalist Recruiting & Consulting

“The ideal way to create and retain a successful hospital-based hospitalist program”

There is a growing need for hospitalist services across the country. As a result, many hospitalist programs struggle with staffing, leadership, and the management of program vendors. The leadership team at Dr.Cruiter understands that hospitals want to have complete control of their inpatient medicine program. Leadership, recruitment, retention, and management of the hospitalist program can help improve the overall quality of patient care within a hospital.

With the new standards based on Value-Based Purchasing and Hospital Acquired Conditions, having a solid leader with a fully-staffed team in place will help reduce LOS rates, improve ED workflow, enhance proper coding models, utilize mid-level providers properly, and improve the overall delivery model within the hospitalist program.

The Team at Dr.Cruiter will allow you to:

  • Regain control of your Inpatient Medicine service line
  • Cut program costs
  • Assist with recruitment & retention
  • Implement innovative tactics in staffing models
  • Eliminate high monthly management fees
  • Collect on all billable encounters
  • Help “coach up” outlier providers
  • Accomplish 2018 CMS Metrics