Mission Statement

We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of hospitals, clinics, and offices across the country in an effort to seamlessly and effectively place the most qualified healthcare professionals in your organization.

The team has over 40 years of extensive and proven healthcare recruiting, sales, C-level negotiation, team development, and leadership experience.

Our elite recruiters are comprised of talented professionals who have led some of the most prestigious healthcare systems and provider management companies in the world.

Plain and simple: our executive recruiting staff will show you how and why we’re different than all of the other recruiters you have ever worked with!

"Dr.Cruiter has proved itself to be an outstanding, results-focused physician recruitment organization who's team members are dedicated to providing outstanding client services. Dr.Cruiter understood our needs to reach out to a targeted group of physicians for the Hospitals that I have been affiliated with. The team also provided highly valued counsel in terms of compensation analysis, contract structure and negotiations. I strongly recommend Dr.Cruiter as a strategic partner in fulfilling all of your physician recruitment needs."

—Edmond Banayan, MBA, MSIMC, Founder and Editor of iHealthcare Perspectives